About Us

Established four decades ago, DIICO (Dromy International Investment Corporation) is built on the core principal of offering more for less to its residents. Part of DIICO’s vision has always been to provide a high quality of living for its tenants. Specializing in condo conversion, DIICO excels at making what is good, better. When we acquire a building, we focus on improving and modernizing every aspect of the unit, providing a place to live that stands out among the rest.

Primarily a family business, DIICO believes in maintaining a strong relationship with its tenants. Thanks to the focused familial corporate structure at DIICO, the voices of our tenants go straight to the top; when a tenant has a problem, so do we. By keeping an open dialogue between the management and our tenants, we’re able to provide the best possible quality of life to our residents.

DIICO is passionate, too, about supporting the communities it serves. By fostering a strong relationship with the cities of Los Angeles, Santa Monica and West Hollywood and their financial institutions over the past forty years, DIICO has been able to provide support for legislation and city ordinance which benefits both the tenants and landlords of the city.

It’s this focus on principal and quality that has seen DIICO weather three recessions and continue to grow over a period of four decades. With plans to expand into more markets in Southern California in the future, we’re excited to bring the DIICO experience to a new range of tenants, while continuing to develop the legacy we began when the company was founded in 1976.

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Hear From our Tenants
testimonial1 “The landlord and the management are very friendly, and efficient, honest and reliable and most of all professional. The maintenance of the building is perfect and repairs are made in due course. I recommend this building to anyone looking for a nice, quiet, secure condo in a friendly and safe neighborhood.”
testimonial2 “You have been my landlord for over 10 years and I must say that we have always gotten along well during my tenure there… Thank you for treating me so well over the years, and I wish you, your family, and your company the very best in the future.”
testimonial3 “Anytime there was an issue, the management was able to resolve the repair immediately. The work ethic and responsibility your company displays is truly enlightening. I have lived in several different buildings throughout my life and your management and care for this property is beyond what most companies do.”
testimonial4 “I was and am impressed by your professionalism and assistance in helping me move into my new apartment. Your support and understanding was and is greatly appreciated.”